Devin St George

St George Stuff is the broad title for all of the multi medium art created by Devin St George over the years.

The word stuff in the name represents the extremely broad range of arts that Devin partakes in, along with a willingness to always try new things. Devin's love of art started very young, and was encouraged by his family. It started as drawing and playing with clay, as most kids do. As he got older he explored more mediums, both in art classes and out. Learning to paint in school, and learning to weld and work with metal from his mechanic father. When Devin started college, he went as an art minor, picking up new mediums and honing others. Practicing fiber arts, photography and videography, along with others.

The college study of art eventually lead to taking a professional welding class to further hone skills for metal work. It was at the site where welding was taught that Devin found the chance to learn glass work. After his first attempt he was hooked, and quickly incorporated it into his main art focus. As his skills with glass grew, it allowed him to enter the first period of his life where his art made a substantial (for an artist working a full time job) income. In June of 2023, Devin decided to attempt making it a legitimate business, and has been growing ever since. All of this progress comes with massive thanks to so many people who have helped and supported him over the years.